DrupalCamp Bristol 2010

On Saturday (27th March)  I attended a DrupalCamp Bristol event, the first gathering of Druapl-ers in the South West.
Over 45 people attended the day, which included a lot of people from the hosts, SiftGroup, and the rest seemed mainly freelancers. Also in attendance was Matt Hamilton who was on the lookout for tips on the organisation of the event in light of the upcoming Plone conference later in the year.

The day consisted of about 4, 40 minute talks and plenty of time in between for informal chats. People could also post up requests for impromptu talks, and Matt gave us all an introduction to Plone for Drupal developers.

I found the day generally interesting, and enjoyed the out-of-talk discussions.

Although the talks themselves were not massively useful, I have come away with the desire to look into:

* Xdebug (a php profiler)
* Drupal 7’s integrated support for caching (APC, Memcached, reverse proxies – generally the stance is to play well with tools designed for this task)
* Pressflow (a distribution of Drupal with integrated performance, scalability, availability, and testing enhancements)
* install profiles & features – the ability to record multiple module settings and reapply them in bulk
* Admin – a decent? admin interface

All in all I though the day was well worth attending, just a shame I had to leave before the security talk!

#drupalcamp bristol